Zubada Republic

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Flag of the Zubada Republic
Flag of Zubada
Official name

Independant Republic of Zubada

Short name Zubada




Population 7,430,000,000


Capital planet


Capital city



Klak'mul (non-enforced)


Constitutional monarchy/representation

– Sho'bal Kabrak 1982 +

The Zubada Republic is a small power, single-planet civilization in the core of the Appearence. They were in Capita Council from February to April 2011, when they left as part of the BlyDonian Civil War and founding of the Appearence Democracy League. Although that has been dissolved, they remain anti-imperial and thus have not rejoined the Capita Council.

The civilization consists of the Zabadinians, which is a species that evolved seperately compared to the human races in the Appearence. Since the civilization is racist, no humans are allowed to be a citizen, making it the biggest exlusive group of Zabadinians known.

Government & PoliticsEdit


Consitutional republic/bonarchy

Their government is hereditary republic. A family acts as the backup leader (those over 13 years of age), the legislative and excecutive branch, and the head of governmet.[1]. A family elects a citizen to run their country. The Family sets up basic guidelines for the President to follow, and the House of Constitution governs how extreme those guidelines can be. In this system, the government benefits from looking democratic whilst still mimicking a totalitarianistic state.



In this legal system, other races and people with mental or physical problems are locked away from society. They are considered, according to their religion, as polluted. If they are set free, their problems may spread to others like a plague, their religion says. No charges can be sent against normal citizens for doing anything to people of other races or with mental/physical illnesses, including those with temporary ones. Otherwise, the code of laws states that minor crimes like bulleing can be sentenced to life enslavement, or better/worse yet; death. Not only does this control the population mentally, but it controls their numbers. The Family House set this up.


Nationalistic slavery

The mentally ill are ordered to work hard labour, along with prisoners and people of different races. They are given only the basics to survive by the Government: Just a small room, food and water. No medical care will be given and suicide booths are given to those in excrutiating pain. Otherwise, people live a normal life:

  • 13% Agriculture
  • 5% Maintainance (plumbing, building etc.)
  • 15% Marketting
  • 60% Labour
  • 7% Manufacturing


Extreme right-winged, decentralization.

The economy is an extreme right winged. People are never told where to work, and the government doens't take any currency in order to give to the poor. They only tax to a low level.


Semi-organized religion

Their religion, Klak'mul, is enforced in about 35% of the country. The rest are highly Klak'mul anyways, with the minority (<1%) being athiest. Organized Religion.

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