The Z Galaxy, Strogond

LSH (but not as extreme of a curve)

Distance from the Appearence

32,615,600,000,000,000 Lightyears (978,468,000,000,000pm)


The Z Galaxy is a galaxy where the Strog reside. This galaxy is so ridiculously far away from anything else that it is impossible to get to using normal hyperdrive. The only way to do so is to use the Tournan Supergate located on the edge of The Appearence . The Tournan Hive retrieved the information on how to build it from the databanks in the ship Yulair and the Hive disabled. Presumably, there are more of these gates in the Z Galaxy or the Strog would not have been able to get to the Appearance in the first place.

"If it's so far away, why are the other galaxies seen as bright stars?"Edit

The Z Galaxy is surrounded in an amplification field that amplifies light as well as another wavelength that is emitted from all galaxies (but it apparently doesn't work on outgoing waves). Because of it, the BlyDonian Galaxy is seen as a bright star in the West, the Appearance as a bright star in the East, the Hydephiilo Galaxy is seen as a bright star in the North, and the Drakonian Galaxy is seen as a bright star in the South. (All directions are as seen from Strogond.)

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