Yavinemot MPJC1
Yavinemot MPJC1 02

The Yavinemot flying infront of a clearly real sky
Official name

Yavinemot Multi Purposed Jet Craft Mark I

Other titles

MPJC1, JC1, Yavinemot, (by Hydephiilans:) Jet


Hydephiilan Ship Manufacturing Corporation




In developement, under construction

Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate


First official flight

January 22, 2011


January 28, 2012




19.34 m


6.12 m


2.33 m (6.54 inc. wings)

Wing span

20.06 m

Ejection system

Ejection seat

Hull material


Shield name

TX-500 Shield Generator

Alternate passive protection system

Micro anti-ordnance detonators (MAODs)


ADR (Gammetan), max of 6,850 km


HD Texon Corporation, capable of 2,750 km


ADR computer


67,000 km


ADR-Texon Craft Computer


HSMC Craft battery class 1.1


Pilot, optional co-pilot


HSMC Craft engines, JamTek Craft repulsor engines class 2

Maximum speed

14,640 km/h (11.95 Mach)

2x Craft-scale Repeating Artillian Laser Cannons
Type Energy-based projectile
Control Pilot
Muzzle velocity 1,700 m/s

One on each underwing, forward facing
Rate of fire: 480 per minute (0.125 delay)

6x EBML-08s
Type Energy-based missile
Control Optional
Stock 16 per cannon (32)
Muzzle velocity max 3,400 m/s

Three on each underwing, four forward facing, 2 rotable ones on the inner side

1x EBF-01 turret
Type Energy-based flak
Control Co-pilot
Muzzle velocity 450 m/s

Tail-mounted councealed
Rotablility: 64°
Rate of fire: 316 per minute (0.19 delay)

The Yavinemot MPJC1, shortened to MPJC or Yavinemot, is a dual-engined supersonic jet craft designed to gain and maintain air superiority in aerial combat, whilst sometimes acting as ground support and capable of interdiction.

It is heavily superior to the HelAux F16, the Gammetan Civilization's Jet Fighter that had dominated the Hydephiilan Galaxy since January 2010. It was designed by a mix of Hydephiilan and Gammetan companies including ADR, Artillian Weapons Manufacturing, HD Texon Corporation, the Hydephiilan Ship Manufacturing Corporation, and JamTek, which is Gammetan. Artillia has always been the major weapons producer for the Hydephiilan Military, as they were found to produce the best lasers for the Yarto-class MG10.


It is armed with primarily light but effective laser cannons, a missile launcher capable of traveling at emmense speeds and firing backwards, and a flak cannon for rear defense. The weapons all glowed red and moved relatively fast for their kind, and so made the fighter aesthetically unique.

The companies used a combination of JamTek Repulsor Systems, HCMS craft engines, and millions of credits for investment in order to break the 10 Mach barrier, however this uses alot of fuel and has proven to be 50% less efficient in flight than going at 2 mach.

Scout variationEdit

The craft has a scout variation that has most of it's parts for storage stripped, a central remote controledl computer disguised as a cockpit, and increased engine efficiency is used for reconnaissance and spying. It has an anti-radar cloak that can last up to 6 days, and makes the craft undetectable and partially unseeable, however one can still hear it.

Lack of HelAuxEdit

HelAux, the designers of the previously superior Gammetan F16s were not included in the designing of this craft as it was to be used for the Hydephiilans too, and HelAux had nationalist leaders. Many military spectators and engineers have speculated that were HelAux designs incorporated in to this craft, it could've been much better. HelAux is planning on buying the designs from JamTek, who they've worked with on the HelAux GT2 and making a variation then selling that design to the Gammetan government, however hydephiilan companies are against this and have threatened to cut JamTek's shares in the craft if they sell it.


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