Wringon Republic

1960 +

Flag of the Wringon Republic
Flag of Wringon Republic
Location of Wringon Republic
Other titles

Wringon Republic


Wring, Wringonese


Galactic Basic Standard

Population 46,758,713,823
Capital planet

Wringon Prime

Controlled planets
  • Wringon Prime
  • Wringon Minor
  • Tazen I
  • Tazen II

Semi-constitutional dictocratic parliamentary oligarchical republic

– Mie Diensn 09/20/1960 — 09/20/1968
– Plaxis Maxis 09/20/2010 +
[[Capita Council Ambassador of Wringon Republic|Capita Council Ambassador]]
– Fi Jin 04/04/10 +




Eras Creation Era

The Wringon Republic is a republic in The Apperence, and is also a member of the Capita Council. It is also one of the few civilizations that does not have a military, abolishing it in place of a peaceful society.


The Wringon Republic was founded in 1960 after civil war occurred for centuries on Wringon Prime. Eventually, after millions of deaths, the Wringonese realized the futility of war, and in 1960, upon founding the Republic, dissolved their Military.


The Wringon Government is divided up into five different branches. The Presidency, the Ambassadorship, the Senate, the Courts, and the Lower Senate.


The current President, Plaxis Maxis, has limited powers as the President. He is able to sign trade treaties with other civilizations, as well as annex planets as long as they are uninhabited. He is also able to establish national landmarks, and raise/lower taxes as needed.


The Ambassador is the Capita Council Representative, and is currently Fi Jinn. The Ambassador is appointed by the President, then approved by both the Senate and the citizens of Wringon. The Ambassador is only a bit less powerful than the President himself, but wields power in the government. He reserves the right on all Capita Council business, and cannot be told how to proceed. The President may suggest ideas, but the Ambassador has the final say. Usually, the Ambassador and the President are either friends or from the same political party, so they usually cooperate.


The Senate has some power. They are able to raise or lower taxes, and they can vote to impeach either the President or the Ambassador if they feel that they are not running the country effectively. Other than that, the Senate is very limited. They can pass laws as well as repeal laws.


The Courts handle all the legal problems within the Republic. The try criminals and villains who are brought before the court. Since crime is rare on Wringon, usually the only cases brought forward are legal disputes, which are then settled.

Lower SenateEdit

The Lower Senate has the least power. They represent the individual districts from which they were elected from. Currently, the Lower Senate has 3,401 members in it.



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