Wings of the Doyen
Date founded January 9, 2011
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Allegiance(s) The Doyen, TotallyToenails,
The Diety, Dophilus
Unit branch Air Force
Size 10,000,000 personell,
241,000 craft
Attack aircraft Hanj Fighter Tempest
Fighter Hanj Fighter Cyclone
Bomber MK-7 Destroyer UAV
Reconnaissance craft MK-7 Hider UASV,
MK-7 Hider MASV,
MK-7 Call UAV
AWAC Enelium E-4 Electronic Craft
Interceptor Hanj Interceptor Scirocco
Fighter-bomber MB-55 Dinge Spear
Dive bomber ON-2 Fisher

The Wings of the Doyen, abbreviated WOD or WOTD, is the military unit of the West Tudian Armed Forces which deals with aircraft minus those complementry to the Navy and those used in the Army. The WOD plays a major role in military conflicts of Tudia, being utilized a lot more often than other civilizations. It has most notably been used against violent protestors in the general protests of 2011, making good use of the accurate Tempest attack craft for precision strikes, MK-7 Hider UAV for surveillance, and the MK-7 Destroyed UAV for general crowd dispersion.

Operational historyEdit

WOD, being formed but a few months beforehand, has only been active in the Tudia Protests 2011, in which it used UAVs to scare off, surveil, and, in some instances, fire in to crowds of rioters.


Command structureEdit

The majority of the Air Force follows the command structure, however for lonesome units such as UASVs (unmanned aerial surveillance vehicles), which don't go in to combat and usually act alone, there is no order of combat or deployment; they are simply put where they're needed or requested.

  • Squadron — 4 flights, exceptionally 3.
  • Wing — usually 2+ squadrons
  • Group - 2+ wings
  • Division — 3+ groups
  • Pit — 3+ divisions
  • Unit — specified group of pits


Code Title Abbreviation Combat? Commands
R-1 Trainer Trai No Trainer craft
R-A Low Generiss L Ge When called Craft
R-B Generiss Ge Yes Craft
R-C Class Generiss H Ge Yes (vice) Flight
R-2 Leftenant Lef T Yes Flight (in-combat)
R-3 Mitenant Mid T Sometimes Flight (non-combat)
R-T Rightenant Rie T No Nothing (in-training Lieutenant)
O-1 Lieutenant Full T Yes Wing
O-2 Captain Capt Yes Group
O-3 Major Maj Yes Division
O-4 Colonel Cln In special circumstances Pit
G-1 Brigadier General sing star Gen No Air base
G-2 Major General two star Gen No Group of air bases
G-3 Lieutenant General three star Gen No Unit
G-4 (full) General four star Gen No Operation
C-1 Generiss Commander Gen Com No (oversight) Operation
C-2 Lieutenant Commander Lieu Com No Campaign
C-U (full) Commander Col Com No (organize) Air Force
C (supreme) Commander of the Air Force Sup Com No Air Force

Aircraft inventoryEdit

Aircraft Origin Role In service Notes Total
Combat craft ≥21,357
Hanj Fighter Cyclone
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Fighter 4,960 Further 900 under construction for January 2012 5,860
MK-7 Destroyer UAV
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Bomber UAV 560 At least 200 ordered for December 2011 ≥760
ON-2 Fisher
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Dive bomber 640 At least 770 planned for July 2012 ≥1,410
Hanj Scirocco Interceptor
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Interceptor 945 Further 1,530 ordered for June 2012 2,475
MB-55 Dinge Spear
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Fighter-bomber 2,670 2,670
Hanj Fighter Tempest
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Attack 6,032 At least 2,000 ordered for April 2012 ≥8,032
Utility craft ≥80
Enelium E-4 Electronic Craft
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
AWAC 0 At least 80 planned for February 2012 ≥80
Aerial craft ≥1,814
MK-7 Call UAV
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Artillery targetting and spotting 689 Further 220 planned for summer 2012 889
MK-7 Hider MAV
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Reconnaissance (manned) 20 At least 130 planned for summer 2012 ≥150
MK-7 Hider UAV
Flag of West Tudia West Tudia
Reconnaissance (unmanned) 735 Further 40 under construction for August 2011 775
17,231 ≥23,251

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