Tudian Theocracy

2011 +

Flag of West Tudia
Flag of Tudia
Map-locator-West Tudian
Location of Tudia
Other titles


Official name

Tudian Theocracy

Short name Tudia



Galactic Basic Standard

Population 19,955,457,518
Capital city


Controlled planets
Member of

Capita Council

Religious policies

Theocrat: Dophilus


Absolute hereditary theocratic monarchy


No sure answer given

Air force

Wings of the Doyen


Fist of the Doyen


Spear of the Doyen

Elite units

Plague of the Doyen

Other military units

(suspected) Secret unconventional force.

Eras Creation era
For the cosmographical region or similarly-named civilization, see Tudia and East Tudia

West Tudia, self-preferably called just Tudia, with the official name of the Tudian Theocracy, is a four-planet, theocratic, small power civilization in the Tudia region, in the core of the Appearence. It consists mainly of ethnic Tudians, with a prominent minority of Anoisans. It has a population of 20 billion. It is considered a sister civilization to East Tudia.

Tudia is located in the Tudia region, in the south-west core of the Appearence. To its far north is Manaki, to its north-east is the Wringon Republic, to its east is the Robrillan Civilization, and to its south-east to south-west is Orin, and to its west is a part of the core that is uninhabited. It owns four planets in two systems: Toepia, its capital, in the Toepian System; Phaitune; Phaitune III; and Phaitune IV in the Phaitune System. Toepia holds 58% of the civilization's population, making it very centralized. A large portion of West Tudia's exports are minerals mined from Phaitune III and IV, which are primarily mining colonies with largely uninhabitable atmospheres. For this reason and, their relatively large population, the trade routes between Toepia and Phaitune to Phaitunes III and IV are food-minerals, respectively.

The civilization was founded as part of the Ostragoff rebellion from 2007 to 2011. By the end, the civilization of Ostragoff was fractured in to four civilization: Tudia, the Robrillan Civilization, Kumpia. The other civilization immediately joined what is now west Orin. Tudia was founded on religious and theocratic values, Robrillan on democratic and liberal, and Kumpia/Orin on imperial. Dophilus was seen as the theocrat of the civilization, in charge of the state, and TotallyToenails was seen as the Supreme Doyen, in charge of the government. After the Anoisan ethnic minority were discriminated against in the racial bill of Tudia, the Tudian rebellion started, which ended in January 2012 with a split of the civilization in to the two that it is today: Theocratic West Tudia and democratic East Tudia on its only planet Thyde. TotallyToenails defected near the end of the war, when Thyde was almost enveloped, making Dophilus both Theocrat and Supreme Doyen.

West Tudia has a hostile relationship with East Tudia, however the Gammetan Civilization is mediating relations and dealing with Anoisan disputes in the west, meaning the west and east are largely isolated from each other. West Tudia largely has no other relations, though it is a member of the Capita Council.

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