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Weapons are a means of causing damage and destruction to something you want damaged or destroyed. I have no idea what to write in the intro sections, Kris help pls

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Ever since the first life-form threw a rock at another, people have been finding exciting new ways to kill someone from far away.


One of the most common forms of weapon is the laser, which shoots a beam of light at the target. Being easy to manufacture and use, laser weaponry is used by many different civilizations, non-state actors, and individual people. Lasers are used in a variety of roles and purposes. Limited only by the amount of electricity needed, a person could carry a laser pistol easily in their hand while a warship could power giant batteries of anti-ship lasers. Lasers are recognizable in that the "projectile" travels at the speed of light, and with the exception of space battles at light-seconds of distance lasers produce a solid beam from source to target.

Used by:

Photon CannonsEdit

This most commonly refers to Gatalon Photon Cannons used by the Gammetans. GPCs produce an actual projectile of high-energy photons, and are similar to lasers in their versatility. Some weapons, like Stinger Cannons, combine photon technology with physical ammunition.

Used by:


WIP. Yulair uses this I think.


Railguns or coilguns use magnets to shoot physical projectiles. Railguns are often powered by a dedicated power source, although Drakonian designs use a capacitor built into the round that ejects on firing. They carry the advantage of being able to fire many different types of ammunition, but their projectiles travel below the speed of light.

Used by:


Missiles are self-propelled projectile weapons used by nearly everyone. Some are guided, some aren't, and they come in a variety of sizes and types. Torpedoes are larger missiles used by ships, and rockets are usually unguided missiles.

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