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Warfare is armed conflict between two or more sides. It plays a prominent part in the Appearance universe.

Causes Edit

This section will concern the political and diplomatic concerns of warfare.

Battlespace Edit

Battlespace is the location in which warfare occurs. In its simplest form, it is either: Planetary or non-planetary. Within planetary, there is ground warfare, air warfare, and orbital warfare.

Technology Edit

The technology used in warfare is always evolving and adapting. International rivalry fuels this.

Space vessels Edit

Many civilizations in the explored core of the Appearence galaxy have space-capable vessels, often called space ships or simply just ships. They are the front-line of both defense and offense during inter-planetary warfare.

Engines Edit

Most space ships possess two types of engines: Sub-light engines and hyperdrives.

Sub-light engines, designed for traversing regular space, usually go up to around 20% of the speed of light. They are primarily used for short-range travel, such as around an orbital body or during combat. They are usually a prominent physical feature in the ship, positioned at the back. Ships usually either use vectored engines to turn, or reaction control systems (RCS) – which are thrusters placed throughout the exterior of the ship designed to manipulate the roll, yaw and pitch of a ship – though sometimes both methods are used.

Hyperdrives are capable of travelling past the speed of light. They allow the ship to access hyperspace via a hyperspace window, the size of which is proportional to the power required and the size or amount of ships accessing it. When in hyperspace, ships travel faster than the speed of light, usually around a single light year per minute. Unlike the sub-light engines, the hyperdrive has no physical presence on the exterior of the ship.

Craft Edit

Combat vehicles Edit

Infantry Edit

Bases Edit

Tactics Edit

Strategy Edit

Logistics Edit

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