Universal flexible width is a new flexible-width skin being developed by User:Kris159. Its main features will be a flexible-width interface (id est, the article's width stretches with the browser, such as the skin that Wikipedia uses), working on all wikis across Wikia, and maximizing page space while minimizing interface, waste and advertisement space. It is the successor to the first flexible-width skin.

Its first stage of development will be exclusively for the WBVDKT Wiki, but it will not include any WBVDKT-specific features. It will then be tested on other wikis, and if required, a second development stage will be started, to ensure compatibility with all wikis on Wikia.

Build history Edit

Unlike its predecessor, updates will be instantaneous, without any "patch" feature. Its history shall, therefore, be logged via days, with each day being assigned a systematic "build" unless no development is done on that day.

Build Date Notes
6 June 29, 2013
  • Fixed special pages not being full width.
  • Fixed special page header.
5 June 26, 2013
  • Fixed articles not being full-width when they had little content in them.
4 June 25, 2013
  • Fixed search bar not being where it should be
  • Fixed action header and sidebar not having the correct height on special pages.
  • Fixed issue where some links in the sidebar would overflow.
  • Fixed issue where search bar was smaller than intended for non-touch/non-mobile browsers.
  • Reduced space between sidebar links
3 June 23, 2013 Officially alpha:
  • Edit page tested: It is usable and has all the functions, but nothing has been done yet, so visual glitches may occur when altering page width.
  • Almost completed sidebar formatting. No more overlaps, all links are clickable.
  • Share function is not tested.
  • Chat still needs some work.
  • Completed action header formatting.
2 June 22, 2013
  • All of the wiki navigation is now always showing in the sidebar.
1 June 21, 2013
  • Page content is now flexible-width.
  • All interface features moved from page content to other elements
  • Sidebar added, which aids navigation.
  • Action header added, which aids page actions, such as editing, viewing history, discussion, etc..

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