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A Policy is a set of rules which all editors on this wiki must follow. They cover the rules of conduct and the style of pages we created as a wiki.

List of policies:

  • Writing policies – Deals with the style of writing on this wiki.
    • Neutrality – Writing from a neutral and third person point of view; not asserting anything and citing the source of everything.
    • Tense – Writing in the correct tense, as well as dealing with other issues concerning the concept of time.
  • Maintenance policies – Deals with the maintenance of the wiki.
    • Blocking – When and why a block is appropriate and the presets of the block.
    • Deletion – When the deletion of pages is appropriate.
    • Protection – When the protection of pages is appropriate.
  • Categorization – The proper use and a full tree of categories – also deals with over- and under-categorization.
  • Documenting events – The proper procedures for documenting events that occur surrounding the wiki – either in role play or just on the wiki.
  • Editing – The proper procedures for editing, and conventions for minor edits and edit summaries.
  • Naming – The naming conventions of pages on this wiki, and appropriate redirects. This should be read before creating a page.
  • Talk page – The conduct and format of a talk page.

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