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If you haven't already, please see WBVDKT Wiki:Introduction.

Welcome to WBVDKT Wiki!

If you're interested in either editing this wiki and/or becoming part of the role play, please read this page before doing so.

Editing Edit

If you wish to edit, you should first read through our policies and guidelines, which explain the editing conventions and the tone of this wiki. You do not have to be part of the role play to edit, and you don't necessarily need to read through the policies and guidelines; just use common sense. Use of Wikipedia's conduct policies, such as be bold and assume good faith are advised for use here, as our conduct policies and guidelines are not yet completely written. For a full category listing all the policies and guidelines, see category:WBVDKT Wiki policies and guidelines.

There are three types of editing that need to be done: Large-scale projects, minor editing, and general editing.

Large scale projects are listed on WBVDKT Wiki:WikiProject. They are works in progress in an attempt to better organize or expand this wiki. These are advised for the experienced editors, and the ones that are involved in or know a lot about the role play.

Minor editing can be done through just proofreading or copy editing pages for grammar, style, cohesion, spelling and formatting (Special:Random is a good place for that). It can also through our notice system: Articles are tagged for things that need to be done to them, such as needing an infobox. The category for tagged articles can be found here. Categories for specific minor jobs can be found within that category.

General editing includes completing articles, rewriting articles to comply with our quality standards (see WW:P and WW:G), or improving low-grade articles. For more information on our grading system, see WBVDKT Wiki:Article classification.

Joining the role play Edit

If you wish to join the role play, it is strongly advised that you get the instant messaging client [|Slack]. Contact one of us, or several if one doesn't respond, via our talk pages and we can invite you to our group. Once there, we are happy to help you join the RPG.

Before you ask us about the role play, though, please see WBVDKT Wiki:Introduction#Reading: You should get a basic idea of what our role play is about through that page and the articles listed in that page. If you decide you want to join, feel free to ask us further questions about the role play in Tournytime or on our talk pages.

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