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WBVDKT Wiki is a wiki made for a community of role-players centered around the WBVDKT Wiki itself. The role playing occurs in the sandbox universe called the Appearance, centered around the Appearence galaxy (slight spelling difference). The majority of role-playing that occurs is based around space-age civilizations, often on a character-level but also civilization-level. With a universe so big, however, it is possible to create any scenarios what-so-ever.

User:Wolf802 founded the wiki on December 19, 2009, in order to facilitate, document and properly establish the frequent bursts of role playing we did, and still do, in our Xfire chat room, Tournytime, though nowadays, we role play in a dedicated Xfire chat room, The Appearance Realm. Since then, the wiki has grown in to an almost fully established database of knowledge, documenting all but a few details of the content of our role plays.

Reading Edit

If you wish to find out about the history of role play events, you can start by reading the first month article, January 2010. We document events in a quasi-list, short form using the month articles, which state events that occur in that month and points to the relevant article, if it has one. Also see: All month articles, month articles of 2017, and the current month article, August 2017.

The most notable pages are available in the first sub-menu of the flexible width skin's sidebar:

Several maps of the Appearence are available. The most basic map is available here, and one with civilizations here. Both those pages have a navigation box containing all maps of the Appearence, with the important maps highlighted.

Joining Edit

If you're interested in joining this wiki's community and/or the roleplay, please see WBVDKT Wiki:Joining.

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