Today, Wikia has announced that the Monaco skin is no longer functional, and that the new skin is mandatory. They're saying that new features have been added, and that "the new look is not simply a new skin option, it’s the upgraded version of Wikia."[1]. I know; what a joke. As soon as I figure out how to, I will try to restore a look-alike of the old skin and disable as much of the new facebook-wannabe features as I can, however there are some features and tools that cannot be restored, and I doubt they ever will:

  • Mr. Sidebar;
  • the avatar;
  • over 100 edits on the Monaco skin and their outcome;
  • a top bar, clearly setting out actions you can commit and subpages of the article.

R.I.P. to them, and W.T.F. to the Wikia team. There is an option which only applies to the account to change the skin to the old Wikipedia-kind of one (Monobook, I think it's called), however nothing can be done for the moment.

I apologize for our loss.

--Kris, 2010/11/03, 17:01 GMT.

Agreed on your reference citation, right on mate ;-)

Back on topic, I could adapt to the loss of Mr. Sidebar if his replacement Mr. Topbar had all the features the old sidebar did (wtf is with those categories... "Kortorisan"?). This interface reminds me of CiV, it's an attempt to hide a lack of functionality with shiny things and a so-called "user-friendly interface". Utter B.S.

--User:Naga Krion *date and time* 19:26, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

PS: Anyone remember Wikispaces? Would a move be feasible? (Code looked the same...)

EDIT: I do hope we don't bet banned for whining :P And Monobook (wikipedia theme) looks verrrryy nice!

The two categories displayed at the top of the page contain the most articles. They used to be in the sidebar, but I removed them and replaced them with more relevant categories

Kris | Talk, 2010/11/04, 17:35 GMT

* Just over a year later, we have three out of four of those things back. 

Kris159 TalkContribs 15:32, March 03, 2012.


  1. Featured on "Your first look at the New Wikia", a blog by Sansse on community.wikia. What a b****.

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