This page contians a full list of news, as the WBVDKT Wiki page would get clogged up if we had every news posted.
Date Message Contributors
(2011/06/28) ——— I have just added flexible width (article body stretches with browser) to my personal cascading style sheet (CSS). I will soon, most likely by tomorrow, add it to all major user pages, too. A request for removal will be granted without hesitation, however may be done manually. Please note flexible width is still in beta. Any known bugs are to be reported here, and will be dealt with as soon as possible. Planned features include perhaps the reintroduction of what is officially called WikiaRail, or the Oasis Sidebar, however with more modules. However, this will most likely make the infobox less prominent, and thus the sidebar may be aligned to the left. ——User:Kris159
(2011/05/18) ——— The RPG has been officially paused until the 27th (of May). No role playing is allowed between this time and the designated unpause time, however edits can occur on the Wikia for general improvements. ——User:Kris159
(2011/05/13) ——— Attention RPGers. This news is late, but Bly12 is now an admin! Party all around. ——User:Bly12
(2011/05/13) ——— Oh happy days. The bullet points have been updated to look like this: Alt Bullet. The change includes less padding between the article side and the bullet, and the bullet and the proceeding text. ——User:Kris159
(2011/03/24) ——— I'm officially expiring Week articles in favor of Month articles as they are more recognized structures than weeks, are more concise and therefore are easier to create. ——User:Kris159
(2011/03/01) ——— I've changed the color of article body font color to what it is on this page, and links are lighter and brighter (id est more colorful) with a bold effect to emphasize them. Post comments on the talk page. You'll most likely have to clear your cache (hold ctrl and press F5) in order for the changes to take effect on pages stored in your history. If enough support for keeping it (with or without change) - just Naga and Bly will do - is gained, it shall be done. I'de like to do something with the links that doens't make them bold (as bold has a function already) such as change the font, but it's up to the demo. ——User:Kris159
(2011/02/16) ——— There are three new buttons at the top right of the page (in the header). The "monobook" and "vector" buttons allow you to view a page in Wikipedia's skin (old and new respectively), but the skin will not stick if you navigate to a new page. The third which displays a click automatically clears your cache. Thanks alot to Monchoman45 for all these and the curved borders. ——User:Kris159
(2011/02/15) ——— From what I can tell, automatic popups asking a request to edit one of the pages from the Requested Article category should appear on one out of every five edits a user does. Yay ——User:Kris159
(2011/01/21) ——— The Wikia had 500 articles from 15:06 EST to 21:04! Well done, everyone!' ——User:Kris159
(2011/01/09) ——— The Tudian Theocracy under User:TotallyToenails has come in to existance. It's location is yet to be revealed within The Appearence. ——User:Kris159 and User:TotallyToenails
(2011/01/03) ——— The Empire of Drakonia has declared war on the Ichiri! SHITS GOIN DOWNNNN ——User:Naga Krion
(2010/12/12) ——— To follow suit with the new Wikia skin, I'm making the 6th generation infoboxes. Currently, the only one is the Civilization template. While this is a different template from the current one, all others will become mandatory. Ship and Planet are the next targets. All infoboxes shall be upgraded to generation six, as it's not an improvement from the 5th code, but a regeneration. As a sidenote, I will be adding an automatic categorizer on to template that have been upgrading. All pages with the new templates will be added to the "Template upgrades needed" category. There will be a parameter on the template for if the page has been upgraded to the new generation. If something is entered in the parameter, the page will not be in the category. Clever, huh. User:Kris159
(2010/10/20) ——— The new Wikia Skin has been customized to restore as much as is possible.

  • Some parts of the sidebar are now at the top of the page. Click on "Lists & Records" or "Tools", then when on the article, click "Main" will lead you to a menu with a kind of sidebar-thing in it. You can only go one level in to the sidebar, so clicking one, for instance, "Characters" will display what would've been there in the sidebar. Unfortunately, Template:Sidebar's function is still inactive. You'll have to request an admin to change i.
  • The background, being a starfield, has been restored.
  • The buttons are now gray (see the one in the top blue bar saying "Start a wiki"?)
  • The article background color has been darkened. Ask if you want it changed back, 1 request is all that is needed. Reverted - some tables or infoboxes didn't match it.
(2010/11/03) ——— News regarding new skin. Click here User:Kris159
(2010/10/20) ——— Generation 5 infoboxes are being implemented! They have a fading out bottom, as apposed to the old curve. Template:Document has not been upgraded as it was not in a generation. Template:Galaxy will not comply due to unknown reasons, and Template:PictureCycleBox will not comply because it doesn't use infobox coding. Template:Ship_infobox's footer is slightly bigger than the main infobox. The cause is being looked in to. User:Kris159
(2010/09/11) ——— The votes have been cancelled. There was no point in the vote, because the only person that wants Wolf to leave indefinately is Naga. On that note, a vote against Naga leaving was pointless; Wolf was going to follow the vote through choice. There was nothing to enforce it. User:Kris159
(2010/08/13) ——— The Civilization infobox template is under construction. It will be a much more advanced version of the Government template. Eventually, it will have about 70 hideable parameters, and ones that you can enter yourself. User:Kris159
(2010/08/11) ——— I forgot to mension but there has been an update on the Ship infobox template that requires attension to all articles it transcludes to. Any articles with this template that you see white text where the image should be in edit in source mode and replace "image=" with "quicki=". Sorry for the inconvience, and thanks for your time. User:Kris159
(2010/07/30) ——— The article "Tournytime" has been unlocked to all users, however IP addresses cannot edit it. Otherwise known as protection level 2. User:Kris159
(2010/07/11) ——— The WBVDKT Space RPG is hereby unlocked, and able to be RPed in.
(2010/07/11) ——— Naga won't be on much, due to a dying PC and stuff in real life. User:Naga Krion
(2010/07/10) ——— I'm putting an automatically categorizing tool on all (except the Ship) infoboxes (and for the edit logs, calling it autocating). Example, if you added the Company_infobox template to your article, not only would it add the infobox but add the article to the Company category. User:Kris159
(2010/07/09) ——— Incase you didn't notice, the link colors have been changed (to dark blue and greenish) and the contents box's background color has been changed back to gray. Any comments, questions, objections etc. go to the talk page User:Kris159
(2010/07/01) ——— The WBVDKT Space RPG is now being stopped. Or, rather, we're taking a bit of a break until people can stop throwing tantrums about things that aren't even related to this in Tournytime. Wolf will be taking complete control of all characters and civs, and will turn the week article into a book series until the RPG resumes. You can continue to work on your articles in the meantime. Wolf also has rights to edit any and all articles in any way until further notice. User:Wolf802
(2010/07/07) ——— There is a new parameter on the Ship template "Design", it goes on the top. That's not what she said. User:Kris159
(2010/06/27) ——— Please read the Talk Pages formatting page, it's really useful and not that long. PS: Is anyone else actually gonna use this section? I'm gonna put it to the top. User:Kris159
(2010/06/24) ——— Fin Asura becomes the new Supreme Chancellor in the Gammetan general elections!
(2010/06/21) ——— The Gammetan Senate declares that it will hold the elections on the 24th due to the Supreme Chancellor's assassination.

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