Victory Class Capital Ship

3D Schematics of the Ship
Victory Class
Official name

Victory Class Capital Ship


BlyDonian Military Productions


Shur Shipyards


BlyDonian Fleet


Capital Ship



Units planned 05
Units active


Length 4km
Width 1km
Height 1.2km


Shield strength

Able to withstand most barrages

Sensor range
  • Long: 1,000 ly
  • Medium: 100 ly
  • Short: 10 ly

Sophisticated and latest computers

Communication range
  • Long: 2,000 ly
  • Medium: 1,000 ly
  • Short: 100 ly

1,000 - 1,100


Matter-Antimatter Reaction Chamber

Maximum speed

10 ly/s


0.1 ly/s

The Victory Class Capital Ship is set to replace the Atlantis Class Capital Ship and the Thunder Class Capital Ship. It has the latest in engineering and design, and has switched from the old BlyDonian hyperdrive power converters to the new faster and safer matter-antimatter reaction chamber.


Everyone, including Bly himself, knew that there was a need for a new backbone vessel.


The vessel was designed similarly to the Excalibur Class Starship, but with notable differences. The addition of two "wings" on the side, where the sublight engines were located, and a large circle in the rear of the ship where the new hyperspace engines were.


The bridge was located at the start of the blue line on the top of the vessel. It consisted of a communications station, a science station, an engineering station, and a control position for the helmsman and navigator. Notably absent was a weapons station as the weapons were controlled at the helmsman's station. Also present was a command seat that swiveled so the person in charge could turn to any station at any time. The engineering station was directly tied to engineering.


Engineering was located in three different spots. Main engineering was located at the rear of the vessel with the main engines and the matter-antimatter reaction intermix chamber. Two other engineerings were at the edge of each "wing" where the sublight engines were to control them.

Science LabsEdit

The vessel was not a scientific one, however it did hold four science labs with the finest and latest technology.


The sickbay was located close to the bridge, and also featured the latest in technology. The Fleet's Surgeon General's Office has already planned to reassign some of the top physicians and surgeons to the new Victory vessels.

Transporter RoomsEdit

The Victory Class has several transporter rooms. One near the bridge, which was used for executive purposes. Four located in the main areas of the vessel nearby crew quarters, and one located nearby sickbay to pick up the injured.

Hanger BayEdit

There was one small hanger bay located at the bottom of the ship, equipped with one dozen troop transport vessels, four mechanized vehicle transport ships, twenty troop fast drop-ships, and one small 30m yacht.


There are both bow and aft torpedo launchers onboard the vessels, in addition to the normal laser banks on the sides of the ships. There are, however, no weapon emplacements on the top of the vessel.


The Victory Class features the best shielding known to BlyDonian science. It also features deflector screens, which allows the vessel to remain undetected to conventional radar of undeveloped planets.


The Victory Class, in addition to becoming the new backbone, will be used for space exploration of various planets in the Appearence Galaxy. It was log undeveloped civilizations that have not yet achieved space flight.

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