Okay, so, long story short, Tourny made me think of back when Yulair was pwn beyond reason and I was stealing things all the time, including ground vehicles. Just 'cause, I strapped lightbars to 'em and gave 'em pwn sirens to go chase people with. Ergo, the Yulairian Military Police/Government Reformation Temporary Occupational Police Enforcement vehicles came into play.

So I said, "What if?"

"What if they had a siren? What would it be?"

So I present you, voila. A what-if, not-so-high-quality experiment I did which ended up as this.

  • The sirens go somewhat like this:
    • Chirp>wail>pulse>rumbler/"takedown", ect.
    • Chirp: Used usually when pulling over a vehicle, as a short alert, ect
    • Wail: Used in pursuit and fast deployment
    • Pulse: Used in pursuit and fast deployment
    • Rumbler/"Take Down": Multi-use, going through intersections, clearing traffic, warning to stay away from the vehicle, ect.
  • Somewhere in there, the pulse had something similar to the rumbler, which is part of the siren pattern, more or less used also for a "get out of the way" type thing.
  • The sirens here would be used in a scenario similar to: Attempt to pull vehicle over, vehicle resists and drives away, YMP vehicle pursues. YMP vehicle comes through intersection, back to full pursuit. YMP vehicle attempts to keep traffic out of the way/alert they are coming with a pulse/rumbler mixture. SDAGS acquires lock on offending vehicle, alerts nearby traffic and pedestrians with rumbler to stay well away.

Anyhow, at least we're past those days. Now Yulair's being reformed, and finally getting better and realistic. =D


Standard SUV used by Yulair's GRTOPE. Yes, it comes equipped with sirens and detachable lightbar.

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