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    WBVDKT Sounds

    October 1, 2011 by Wolf802

    Okay, so, long story short, Tourny made me think of back when Yulair was pwn beyond reason and I was stealing things all the time, including ground vehicles. Just 'cause, I strapped lightbars to 'em and gave 'em pwn sirens to go chase people with. Ergo, the Yulairian Military Police/Government Reformation Temporary Occupational Police Enforcement vehicles came into play.

    So I said, "What if?"

    "What if they had a siren? What would it be?"

    So I present you, voila. A what-if, not-so-high-quality experiment I did which ended up as this.

    • The sirens go somewhat like this:
      • Chirp>wail>pulse>rumbler/"takedown", ect.
      • Chirp: Used usually when pulling over a vehicle, as a short alert, ect
      • Wail: Used in pursuit and fast deployment
      • Pulse: Used in pursuit and fa…

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