How the RPG ignores reality in favor of awesomeness

Naga Krion November 10, 2012 User blog:Naga Krion

This post stems from a discussion User:Wolf802 and I were having (Kris159 wasn't really involved) yesterday concerning space flight, and touching on other topics. I decided to make a list of ways the RPG violates the laws of reality. Please remember, this list isn't supposed to be comprehensive, and it is not a criticism of these things. This list is not for things that violate physical laws that apply in the present, in other words FTL drives and super-efficient magnets and materials don't really go here.


  • Orbital Bombardment: One kilogram at 75%c (light speed) has an energy of 11 megatons when it impacts. Ship-mounted railguns, used by Drakonia, fire shells the size of McMansions at 50%c, yet impact with "only" a few hundred Mt.
  • Space flight: Fighters and other strike craft fly around like aeroplanes but in space. Wolf isn't happy with this.
  • Logistics: No one ever seems to bring tankers or ammo ships with their fleet, and land battles never touch on the issue of supplies.
  • Bly could never get all those girls
  • Land combat: Who the hell still uses trenches?
  • Time scale: Wars happen in weeks and months instead of years or decades. Taking a planet happens in a few days. Treaties and alliances fall apart in mere months.
  • This will be updated more later, I'm getting a pizza. Ignore errors, I'm using a cellular telephone.

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