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Kris159 July 25, 2011 User blog:Kris159

The logs are bland, and it's time for me to bump them up a bit. Yes - I'll bump them with confusing code which I doubt anyone will understand. I need to work on something, but what? My past WikiProjects have been stuff I've had a good influence to do, such as "fix" Oasis, introduce new infoboxes, create lots of templates, create a few policy pages to outline a house style. Now, the summer holidays are starting to get boring for me, added to the fact that there's not much I need to do on here.

I want you guys to tell me what you want done, or what you think I should do.

Stuff I want to do

  • I want to write more policy pages (if you're wondering, they're the ones that start with "WBVDKT Wiki:.), but I also want help
  • I enjoy writing tutorials
    • Maybe I could teach you guys through documentations about stuff like tables and other general, advanced WikiCode.
      • It's not hard, seriously. Here's my difficulty designation: WikiCode is [censored]-easy; CSS and HTML ('practically the same) are medicore (also [censored]-easy once you have the easily accessible materials); JavaScrip is hard-core.
  • I'd like to expand on the history of The Appearance
    • User:Bly12 and I came up with the plan that he'd do recent history, and I'd do the rest, but this hasn't happened.
  • I'd like to expand on current Appearence stuff (like civilizations and techs)
    • User:Wolf802 has requested that I assign planets to civilizations closer to Selve'air for the star map (see planet list).
    • Maybe introduce a WikiCode-regulated economic system so we can more easily identify how strong a civ is, and not just based on population.
      • Maybe simply an index (just like % based on a civ)
    • I'd like to properly set out technologies based on civilizations.
    • I'd like to also properly set out the ethnicities of the Appearence (which would obviously link to recent history).
  • Completely update the infoboxes

I could really use help with a lot of the bullets here. I sometimes feel like I'm on my own on this Wikia.

Stuff I'm kind of edging away from

  • Learn JavaScript (which is not the same as Java (which Minecraft uses). The two languages differ a lot, not just in small terms, completely.)
    • Subsequently introduce any new features to the skin (I can move and remove easily with CSS, but not add)
  • Continue the 2010 month articles, for a while.
  • Start any macrocivilization events in the RPG, also for a while.

What do you think I should do? Responddamnit! You don't have restrict your options to this lists, make up your own if you want.

Kris159 TalkContribs 09:43, July 25, 2011

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