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Kris159 July 17, 2011 User blog:Kris159
  • kris159: Grow, laser thing, grow!
  • dsqtourny: ...
  • dsqtourny: Kris, stop rubbing my laser thing.
  • Godisme: Moncho: Blog code doesn't work
  • Monchoman45: Nuke your cache
  • Godisme: Nuked
  • Monchoman45: Nuke harder
  • wolf802: ... LOL
  • darthvatrayen: *boots wolf for big lol*
  • dsqtourny: *Vat's jealous because Wolf's lol is bigger than his*
  • dsqtourny: Run it as admin.
  • kris159: I am admin.
  • bly1234: So, Naga.
  • nagakrion: No.
  • kris159: Classic.
  • Monchoman45: Such is the life of a programmer
  • Monchoman45: "Why doesn't it work?" "I don't know, but now we have to keep wasting our time on it"
  • Colonel Eshirox: I've been waiting here 9 minutes and nothing. Anyways. We're here for Colonel Phane.
  • Bly: I see.
  • Kortoris: HELALOOLOL!
  • Kortoris: ... Sorry.
  • Bly: It's ok, Colonel.
  • Kortoris: Wait, Colonel.
  • Kortoris: Wait ... Did I just say that to Bly ... ?
  • Kortoris: I'm ... Oh yeah.
  • kris159: It's December 21.
  • wolf802: Oh, yes. I forgot it was set for the 21s.
  • wolf802: t.
  • wolf802: st.
  • wolf802: 1st.
  • wolf802: ...
  • wolf802: *Facepalm*
  • wolf802: I'm going to go hide under a rock now.
  • kris159: Here, we see Wolf is about to commit ritual suicide in the hopes of saving the reputation of his tribe ...
  • dsqtourny: He's only played six days of it...
  • bly1234: ...
  • nagakrion: Noob, I have like twice that, 134
  • dsqtourny: ...
  • dsqtourny: 6 x 2 = 134
  • kris159: lol!
  • kris159: ROTFL!
  • kris159: That's so funny!¬
  • dsqtourny: It better be.
  • nagakrion: <.<
  • dsqtourny: *notes the pistol*
  • kris159: You can probably guess where that quote's going ...
  • dsqtourny: Which.
  • bly1234: ...
  • kris159: It should've been 1 x 2 = 134, though.
  • dsqtourny: ...Why?
  • nagakrion: 72*2=134
  • kris159: Naga said he has twice the amount of games, not hours.
  • kris159: I think.
  • dsqtourny: No, he said twice the amount of days.
  • dsqtourny: Except he meant hours.
  • nagakrion: I said twice the amount of cabbage, you're all wrong
  • kris159: F*CK!
  • dsqtourny: $#@^$#
  • Wolf82 (wolf802): I'm taking that as you will once you're done.
  • (DSQ)Gen.Clonetrooper (dsqgenclonetrooper): Maybe
  • Wolf82 (wolf802): That's not how you spell yes.
  • Kris: Were you porn?
  • Kris: ...
  • Tourny:
  • Kris: born*
  • Kris: Trivia: it would take 13 days, 7 hours and 34 minutes to watch everything Stargate except SGU.
  • Tourny: So everything Stargate?
  • Kris: Original movie, SG-1, Atlantis, Continuum and Ark of Truth. Assuming all episodes are about 45 minutes. Not good enough.
  • Tourny: Use exact values for better results.
  • Kris: Where do I get these exact values?
  • Tourny: Wikipedia. IMDB. Amazon, Netflix, Huliu, Google,
  • Kris: They’re less accessible to-- me than they are to you *glares at your DVD collection*
  • Tourny: It’s not like it just has the shit written on it. (it does)

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