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    Guide to PvP matches

    June 15, 2013 by Kris159

    This'll be my guide to competing in a Minecraft tournytime PvP match. It will give you tips based on my personal experience in an attempt to somewhat level the playing field.

    You might want to read up on enchanting and experience first via the Minecraft wiki. They're pretty essential to being competitive in the matches with the new no diamond weapons or armor rule. It's a complex topic, one which I might fail to properly explain in this guide.

    So, let's get right in to it. The very first thing to do is knock down a tree, and get yourself a stone sword, pickaxe, shovel and axe. You'll probably want extra cobble for a furnace or just to have blocks. This comes to 16 cobblestone, total, so aim to get this much with your wooden pickaxe. You migh…

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  • Kris159

    This is to better clarify what wiki-related terms mean, whether they're general terms, companies, or software.

    To start, a wiki is any online collaborative project where anonymous users can edit the content of a site (this kind of thing is called "Web 2.0"). To second(?), a wiki farm is a website which users can create any wikis. It's a web host server, basically, like GoDaddy, but for wikis.

    So, here are the three companies:

    • The WikiMedia Foundation (WikiMedia for short)
    • Wikia, inc.
    • Tangient LLC

    WikiMedia is not a wiki farm. Wikia, inc. and Tangient are wiki farms.

    And here are the sites which the companies run:

    • WikiMedia runs: Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikiquotes, WikiCommons, Wiktionary, MediaWiki (a website containing tutorials and stuff about the MediaWi…
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  • Kris159

    Why the date is why it is

    December 12, 2011 by Kris159

    I just wanted to make a blog to explain why the date is writing how it is, as it's not really given any rationale. The reason for this is the WBVDKT Wiki:Manual of Style covers basically everything, so should be concise. I'll probably put a see also link there pointing to this. I'm putting this as a blog because it's a bit too short to represent a whole WBVDKT Wiki page.

    The date on this wiki is written in two ways. In both cases, the day and year are numbers, but whether the month is a word or a number effects what other characters the date has. So here are the two ways (they are automated to give the current date):

    • The word way: month d, yyyy
    • The number way: yyyy/mm/dd

    In case we're not on anywhere from the 1st to the 9th, the word version is not…

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  • Kris159

    What to do

    July 25, 2011 by Kris159

    The logs are bland, and it's time for me to bump them up a bit. Yes - I'll bump them with confusing code which I doubt anyone will understand. I need to work on something, but what? My past WikiProjects have been stuff I've had a good influence to do, such as "fix" Oasis, introduce new infoboxes, create lots of templates, create a few policy pages to outline a house style. Now, the summer holidays are starting to get boring for me, added to the fact that there's not much I need to do on here.

    I want you guys to tell me what you want done, or what you think I should do.

    • I want to write more policy pages (if you're wondering, they're the ones that start with "WBVDKT Wiki:.), but I also want help
    • I enjoy writing tutorials
      • Maybe I could teach you …

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  • Kris159

    'What's with WBVDKT Wiki, abbreviated WWWW or WW(-)WBVDKT, was a Blog created by me (duhh) which aimed to keep the community up to date on any changes to things like personal style sheets and other things I often updated. Instead of me posting messages in Tournytime, most of the time repetedly due to the fact that not everyone is there all the time, I would explain stuff here. I included any changes, the rationale for those, as well as an explination for some coding. The stuff you need and may have wanted to know (if you've reached this sentence without falling asleep, I mean).

    I am now releasing the CSS and JS sheets as patches and versions, starting with 1.00 which will fixes the admin dashboard. Hot and quickfixes are be released as a .# on …

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