In my WBVDKT career, I have seen many plots. Some of the plots failed, and some ran their full course. A big determining factor in the success of a plot is, among other things, the characters.

What's in a character?

A foundation

StormtrooperCorps anh1080p

... uhh

Characters are always created to serve a purpose. Some of them, like WBVDKT's own Officer are often referred to as NPCs, and exist solely because without them it would be like Darth Vader flying the Death Star around without Imperial Officers to kill when he's bored. Other characters represent a set of values. Optimus Prime, the famous leader of the Autobots, is a good example. In the beginning of his career, Optimus existed to embody leadership, morality, justice, and coolness (To sell action figures! Yay!). Characters like the Warden are created in order to explore a concept. In the Warden's case, it was "What if there was a key that could open one door, and make it lead to another?".

Room to grow

David tennant

The Warden, probably Yellow.

The development of a character is often the most interesting part of its lifespan. Any good plot comes coupled with at least some character development. One of Optimus' only flaws back then was that he was flawless- he had no room to grow as a character.

A character develops more as we, as observers, learn more about them. In the "7-years ago/Wolf meets Aer-May" retcon, Aer-May develops despite being dead. This happens because we are told about what her life was like before she was married to Wolf. The Warden undergoes a different nature of development by discovering more about who and what he truly is and sharing it with the audience.

Gammetan characters, however, almost never exhibit any form of development (Probably because there have been very few storylines that were actually about them).

NPCs, being what they are, usually don't exhibit any character development, because the story isn't about them (unless it is, in which case they aren't really NPCs).


Knowledge of where you could go with your character is important when using it in tandem with characters belonging to other people. However, setting the way you want your character to grow in stone is usually detramental to multi-player RPGs. Wolf (the person, not the character) experienced a long period in which he couldn't use his characters with anybody else because of how locked in his plots were at the time.


Making a character is like carving a sculpture- You choose what it's made of, but when sculpting with friends, the tools open to you depend on which tools they leave open to you.

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