1300 +

Flag of Unidia
Flag of Unidia
Location of Unidia
Other titles


Official name

Republic of Unified Unidia

Short name Unidia



Galactic Basic Standard

Population 4,957,397,982
Capital planet

Unidius II

Controlled planets

Unidius II




Hereditary monarchy

– an'Kom III 1959 +

Socialistic (85% left)



- Founding 1300/04/30

The Unidia is a democratic, single-planet, middle power civilization in the Appearence. It is a founding member of the Capita Council and is most noted for being so. It was a minor civilization before it joined, having only 4,957,397,982 residents.

It renamed itself from the Unidia Republic to its previously-short form, Unidia, on June 3, 2012.

Government and politicsEdit

Unidia is governed by a hereditary royal family. They have almost supreme power except for some constitutions which include the inability to impose harsh laws upon citizens. Other than those, the leader, usually the father of the family, has supreme power. He declares his next-of-kin upon gaining the crown, which would usually be his most honored grandson. The grandson is then renamed to the last name of his family. For instance, an'Kom III, the current leader, has a son named an'Kom IV, who will succeed him.

The leader is forced to retire at the age of 70 and usually passes down to a grandson of around 20, meaning an average of 50 years service. an'Kom III is set to retire on 31st of July 2011, in -2215 days.

Foreign policyEdit

Currently, an'Kom III is trying to gain as much international attraction as he can, attempting to draw in citizens that his republic may expand. The strong and prosperous economy helps this goal primarily. Unidia is currently growing at a rate of over 3% per year, the highest in the well-known galaxy. He then plans to, when he's got enough residents, begin colonization.


The Unidian Military is relatively strong, aesthetically pleasing and proud. While technologically they are mediocre, they have an arsenal of impressive craft and vehicles, including the Boyins 50, a fighter operated by several nations but originates within this one.

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