Tudian Rebels

2011 —2012

Flag of East Tudia
Flag of the Tudian Rebels
Flag of Thydian Tudia
Official name

Tudians of Thyde to Restore Order

Short name Thydian Tudia

Thydian Tudian


Galactic Basic Standard


Primarily Anoisans

Capital city


Controlled planets

(some of) Thyde

  • Ak Insure
  • Awmenia
  • Dank
  • Deidron
  • Kamfala
  • Naeyah
  • Theid
State religion



Provisional (unitary, democratic monocracy)

– Jaliss Tsyia () 2011/09 — 2012/01

Free market

Eras Creation era
- Founding September 1, 2011
- Dissolution to East Tudia January 4, 2012

Tudian Rebels (September 1, 2011 to January 4, 2012 — 125 days) was a rebellious sub-civilization in the Appearence, centered on the city of Kamfala on Thyde. It was an interim organization as an offspring of the Tudia rebellion 2011, founded on September 1, 2011, as a form of more organizing the rebel forces. Its main goal was the protection of an ethnicity and general Tudians against the sudden prejudice of the racial bill of Tudia. It was headed, monocratically, by Jaliss Tsyia for its whole lifespan, whos goals were to liberate all Anoisians on Thyde, then the rest of Tudia under one nation. The latter part of the goal was not recognized by most of the rebels by its demise,

So far, they have only been recognized by the Gammetan Civilization as the leaders of the claimed cities it controls. Most other civilizations abstain or do not have a stance at the rebellion nor the Rebels.

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