Trillius Undia






Notable occupation(s)

SpecOps Commander

Political party






Skin color/type

Very Pale White





Hair color


Eye color


"He's a very dark and mysterious fellow. I'd be wise to be careful around him."


Trillius Unida's childhood is unknown, however, BlyDonian forces found him on SubBlyDonia. Upon killed a clone captain, and a few droids, he was discovered by Bly, who gave Trillius a high rank in the BlyDonian Navy. Bly then put him in charge of The Bly Star, Not much is known of Trillius. Trillius also once killed a man by looking at him. While he does not have the force, Trillius is a very powerful person. His sword is made from a special kind of metal, that cannot be broken by a lightsaber. He's also the first non star wars character Bly has used. He ensures that The Bly Star is ahead of schedule. He is currently in charge of the BlyDonian Special Forces.

About himEdit

Trillius is one of the most powerful people in the Appearance Galaxy, and beyond. He is adept with any weapon, and he wears a long black cloak. Very few have seen his face, and lived. Bly is one of them. Trillius is also completely hard to kill, as he wears some sort of armor under his cloak. Trillius usually uses a sword, and his arms emit an energy shield when needed. Trillius has dual blasters, and a whole host of other nasty weapons. He is completely loyal to Bly, and cannot be turned against him by anyone.

Before BlyDonian ServiceEdit

Trillius lived on the planet of Ralninski. He was a tribal leader while there, which was a high social status position. His father was the Full Leader of all his species. He then killed his father, against his brothers wishes. In a battle, his brother won, and became the leader of Ralninski. He then exiled and banished Trillius.

Shortly before, however, he was married to a female of his species. Trillius, however, fled the ceremony. This was only days before he killed his aging father.

People who are just as awesome as TrilliusEdit

(Excluding Appearance Characters)

  • Chuck Norris
  • Boba Fett
  • The Predator
  • James Bond
  • Darth Vader
  • Imperial Redrobed Guards

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