Treaty to withdraw Atalant from the Liberalism war
Conflict Liberalism war
Signing date July 14, 2013
Expiration End of Liberalism war
Location Equine, Atalant
  1. Flag of Atalant Atalant
  2. Flag of the Appearence Imperial League Appearence Imperial League

The treaty to withdraw Atalant from the Liberalism war is a peace treaty signed on July 14, 2013 that marked the end of Atalant's participation in the Liberalism war on the side of the liberals. It was signed in Equine, Atalant's capital city, between Atalant's secretary of state and 5 ambassadors representing each nation in the Appearence Imperial League, the organization representing all imperial powers in the war.

The treaty largely favored the AIL, as the Atalant was, in effect, surrendering without consulting its liberal allies. By choice of the imperials, terms that would not be too detrimental to Atalant's economy were imposed. This was in an attempt to not strain diplomatic relations.

Terms Edit

The terms of the treaty had the obvious effects of withdrawal: Atalant was to withdraw from any operations regarding the Liberalism war. Operations included intelligence, combat, economic and administrative. Additional terms included: Atalant's withdrawal from the Order of Nations for Peace, the organization largely representing liberal powers in the war; the establishment of a military embargo between Atalant and liberal-leaning belligerents; open borders for AIL military assets to be moved through and established in Atalant space (excluding their solar system, and excluding the establishment of any permanent fortifications); and financial support from Atalant to AIL, amounting to the former's military expenditure in January 2013, to be provided monthly.

All the terms of the treaty were to last until the end of the Liberalism war, with the exception of an aside agreement to re-establish relations in the form of embassies and trade between the two parties.

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