Type of Document

Coalition Document

Origonal Proposer

Jax Nano of BlyDonian Civilization

Treaty of New BlyDonia



BlyDonia Prime

"The Members of the Appearence Democracy League will work to negate all actions of the Appearence Imperial League, and her members."
– Part of the Treaty of New BlyDonia

The Treaty of New BlyDonia created the Appearence Democracy League. It occurred after the BlyDonian Civil War, that ousted Supreme Leader Bly from power.


The purpose of the treaty, over all, is to unite the democratic civilizations of the Appearence. It is confusing that the Andur Empire would join the league, however it is more democratic then imperial, as it has elections and impeachment procedures for the Emperor of the Civilization. The Andurians, however, left the league of the 8th of April, 5 days after it's founding, after discovering Jax Nano's corrupt foreign policy.

Another main purpose is to regulate the Appearence Imperial League. After the events of the Yinto Crisis, members of the Capita Council realized that the AIL had gone too far. They dissolved the council, and formed the ADL.

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