Type of Document


Origonal Proposer

The BlyDonian Civilization

The Treaty of Capita

To unite major civilizations


2010/04/04 (Easter!)

Finishing Date



Phanus/Capita, AS-A3-D14 3040-09/Fetrodasa IX

Accepted Terms
  • The Strengthening of Previous Alliances, creating a new "Liberation Alliance".
"...And I didn't sign! Hah!"
Wolf on the treaty after Emperor Krion found out, and went to Defcon 2

The Treaty of Capita was hosted on the [[Gammetan] in the central building of Phanus, capital city of the Gammetans on AS-A3-D14 03040-09. The treaty's origonal purpose was the destruction of the Empire of Drakonia, and therefore the creation of the Liberation Alliance (no article) which would assist in doing so. The treaty was scrapped a few days later due to the Empire's discovering it's existance through DR. Tourny, who was foolishly invited to the meeting. Bly from BlyDonia a few days after the treaty's dissolution claimed that all members who signed the treaty were part of the newly formed Capita Council, which was a peacekeeper and didn't include the destruction of the Empire in it's goals.

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