Tournytime is an Xfire chat room wherein the majority of members of this wiki, and more, conduct most of their interaction with each other.

Current positions

The default rank for new users is Power User. The room is open to the public; anyone can join, not just friends of members. After the peasant's revolution and then a new agreement, and hence founding of the 16th Tournytime, all regular members are moderators, minus the Admins, Tourny and, newly, Kris. The room is currently the 18th edition, discounting all the editions before chat logs started.

Inactive members

  • Andy88
  • Destroyer
  • da_great_ghost*
  • Fallen
  • Fordo
  • Jones
  • Kit Fisto*
  • Nonë

Timeline of ranks

Proposed Constitution

  • Article One: Freedom of chat, except spam. Interpretation of spam is very nebulous, but it's like porn. I know it when I see it.
  • Article Two: Tourny is our Dear Leader and one and only Admin.
  • Article Three: Everyone else is a power user.
  • Article Four: In times of emergency, Tourny may mute the room.
  • Article Five: Universal non-suffrage.
  • Article Six: If Tourny is incapacitated, wait for him to regenerate.
  • Article Seven: We have always been at war with Hero Unit-ia.

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