The Purpose of this Page:Edit

This page was created to give Tourny a place to put things that don't deserve their own article. However, they can be converted if one of the two all-knowing admins wishes to do so.

The Advances:Edit

Logged 6/16/2010: Golden GemsEdit

After an experiment with the gate shield, it has been found that all Aharonium, no matter what color, is capable of passing through force fields. However, when it does, it transforms to a pure translucent gold color and becomes far more fragile than usual.

Logged 6/16/2010: Crystalline IntegrationEdit

After obtaining enough information to effectively control the substance, Aharonium (the name of the crystal) was integrated into the hulls of various Tournan constructions, making them much sturdier than usual.

Logged 6/15/2010: Crystal ResearchEdit

A crystal boulder was brought back from the Aharon Crystal Mines by Captain Jackk and his team. From the various tests performed on it, it appears to be quite the indestructible substance. It can be melted if your dedicated enough, but it must be done with heat and not lasers. The reason for this is that it is also very reflective and shooting a laser at it presents more of a hazard than it is worth.

Logged 6/15/2010: Humanoid Tournans.Edit

Some Tournans look human due to a culmination of biological and technological advances. The Cylons had plans to build Cylons that appeared human with them when they joined the Hive. Only once Sanctuary had been settled did they begin experimenting. The results were Cylon Half-breeds and quarter breeds. Essentially, a half-breed is when an individual is half wraith, half cylon. The result looks something like this:

Sga michael2

Cylon quarter breeds are 3/4 Cylon and 1/4 Wraith. They would look like this:

Rdanderson oneill

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