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The Tournan Military is very diverse in almost every way possible. A large percentage of their technology is taken from other races that they have traded with. The entire Tournan Military has undergone training by Zelgo Furiox.

The MilitaryEdit

The entire military force is lead by DR. Tourny Prime who is universally known as "The Captain".

The Space ForceEdit

The Tournan Space Force is seperated by division and over all headed by the D-1 Ambassador.


The Diplomatic-Division is in charge of "Diplomacy". It is tasked with almost anything pertaining to other planets that the Hive doesn't do itself. All ships in this division are designated with the D-# Callsign.

Known Ships:


The Colonial-Division is in charge of colonizing new worlds as well as managing intergalactic relations (such as forming alliances, breaking alliances, and trade). All ships in this division are given the C-# Callsign.

Known Ships:

  • C-1 Stingray
  • C-2 Turtle


The Planetary-Defense-Division is in charge of Planetary Defense. All ships in this division use the PD-# Callsign.

Known Ships:

  • PD-1 Baracuda


The technologies used in the space force are as follows:

The Tournan Terran Operations Force (TTOF)Edit

The TTOF is responsible for both attacking and defending other worlds as well as forming boarding parties.


The bulk of the TTOF is made up of trained Tournan Soldiers of various types.


There are a few vehicles used regularly by the TTOF.

  • Wraith Frogs
  • Wraith Command Walkers (WCW)
  • Levitating Platform Carrier (LPC)
  • Tournan Battle Suits (TBS)
  • Wraith Darts

Other DivisionsEdit

There are other divisions of the Tournan Legions that are unable to be classified otherwise.

The Tournan Stargate Command (TSGC)Edit

The TSGC is in charge of all things that come in and out of Sanctuary's stargate. It is headed by General Dan.

The Bly MachineEdit

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The Tournans have recently adopted the Bly Machine as part of their civilization. They are lead by Commander Bly.

The Elite SquadronEdit

The Elite Squadron takes up the duties of personally escorting Tourny on mission they feel are "too dangerous" for him.

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