Is that a... squid?...
The Tournan Hive
Official name

The Tournan Hive Ship mk II

Other names

The Hive


DR. Tourny


People of Sanctuary

Units built


Units active




Hull Four kinds of Organic Material:
  • A kind of organic metal.
  • A very tough skin-like material.
  • A reflective metallic substance.
  • Green Muscle Tissue.
Sensor range
  • Long: Galaxy-wide, plus a little outside it.
FTL drive Tetustemusdemuguff Drive

The Tournan Hive Ship mk II came into being as the result of a mutation that occured after the original Hive absorbed the energy of the Red Warden. Because it had fallen into disrepair due to lack of energy, it is understandable that it underwent a huge regeneration spike upon receiving so much of it. However, this does not explain the complete change in the Hive's genetic material. DR. Tourny, the only remaining expert in Hive behavior and physiology, theorizes that somehow the Hive must have gained the ability to rewrite its own genomic programming over the trillion and some years it was inactive, and did so, but the results didn't become apparent until it could regenerate again. It remains a mystery how the Hive managed to achieve biological effects that the DoctoR doesn't even understand.

Since the transformation, most of the ship remains unexplored.

Info Edit

  • The ship's sensors are capable of gathering data from the entire appearance galaxy, and even a little into the empty space around it.
  • Some of the walls have curious folds that, when touched, open to reveal a compartment you can lay in. If you choose to do so, the crevasse will close and will show you an image of the ship. It will take you to whichever location you select on the image.
  • Upon registration in a dormitory, all passengers receive a card. So far, the cards are capable of:
    • Displaying personal information.
    • Displaying a map of the Hive indicating your current location.
    • Showing you the way to any location on the ship.
    • Displaying information about your location.

Roster Edit

  • Samantha
  • Cmdr, Pilot and Operational Assistant.
  • Sae
  • Jay
  • Greg, Prior of the Followers.
  • (Let it be noted that there is also a contingent of Followers on board)

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