Tomocho Haiwaki

February 24th 1968 (1968/02/24)




Not yet

Notable occupation(s)


Political party

Brech'n State Part



Skin color/type

Type III





Hair color

Pale Brown

Eye color


Tomocho Hawiaki was a human from the planet Brech'ney. He was born into a middle-upper class land-owning family in a poor town. His family was looked upon as the snobs of this town. As he grew up being hated by children, he gained a hatred for them too. Instead of, as usual, desiring beating of poor people, he wanted to help them, to raise the quality of living for them. This led him to Politics. When Brech'ney was over-thrown in 1989 (he was 21) by Democrats, he immediately created a poltical party called "The Quality of Living Reformers" (QOLR, Kol'r). The party's ideology was predictabely to improve the standard of living where ever it was low. Through the first 10 years of the party's existance, it layed stagnant as a minor party in the elections, until quality of living dipped so low due to oppression of the dictator rulers of the alliance of corporations that the planet was in, that something needed to be done. The party acted massive campaigns and set up great demonstrations against poverty and were elected to power in 2004. They stand, to this day, as the party in power. Tomocho is currently the leader of this party and a good one at that. He knows how to deal with things. His current attitude is to be defensive and cautious against potensial enemies, he will not stand for hostility.

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