The Third Annual BlyDonian Ball is a ball set to occur on December 15th, 2012. It's after the Second BlyDonian Ball in 2011 and the First BlyDonian Ball in 2010.


It's scheduled to occur in Prime Palace in Prime City, in the grand ballroom. There will be plenty of balloons and other various decorations. The balloons will be gold, white, green, black, and grey, signifying at least one color of the nation that the guests represent. Gold is Bion, Grey is Yulair, Green is BlyDonia and Wringon, Black is Drakonia, and White is Gammeta.


Because it's during the Liberalism war, Bly didn't have any intention to invite any of those involved in the war (save for former Trade Emergency Coalition leader Taonus Gratus), and thus restricted it to members from Yulair, Drakonia, Gammeta, the Wringon Republic, and the Bion Federation.

Among those invited included Wolf, Aer-May Swizër, Claire Faretel, Star Admiral Ming's Ghost, Gammetan Generals Trosco and Q'slaska, Gammetan Colonels Kortoris Phane, Tatex, and Ridall Somel, as well as Fin Asura, Sofix Pitus, Podin Arconic, the Bion Federation Viceroy, and the Wringon leader. All confirmed (except for Admiral Ming's ghost, strangely). Others invited included various high class BlyDonian citizens and several invitations remained open should Bly decide to invite anyone else.


As typical with BlyDonian foods, most of the food will be composed of tasty fish, as well as various vegetables and grains from Luega II.


Since it is a ball, there will of course be music. Wolf fancies himself a musician or something, so he'll probably play something. Other than that, a formal band has been hired.


Everyone is invited afterward to play pin the tail on the donkey, twister, dance-dance revolution, and various board games. Nobody is expected to attend this.

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