"Mindless Battledroids..."
– Bly

The BlyDonian Grand Army is made up of roughly 100 Million B-1 Battledroids. About 56 Million are kept on BlyDonia, and the rest are dispersed between ships in the fleet. Due to the immense factories on BlyDonia, and on the ships, this army can double in days during a war.

Overall General and Commander in Chief: Bly

General of the Armed Forces: Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi

Sub-General: OOM-9

The Rest of the army is made up of B-1's, however, B-2's have been making their way into the army, as well as Drodieka's and Magna Guards. An occasional blade wielding Magna Guard is seen onboard the Bly Machine, as they are the elite guard of Bly.

Number of B-1's: 40,000,000

Number of Clonetroopers: 1,000,000


MTT's, LA-AT's, AAT's, and one AT-AT.