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The Territorial Reserve Guard is a branch of the Drakonian military dedicated to defending Aetheria and other Drakonian territories in the event of invasion. Each guard unit represents conscripts from that particular administrative region, and is unique compared to the rigid centralization of the Imperial Terrestrial Army. Each region decides the name, force composition, leadership, and uniforms of its particular unit. Nomenclature is usually a number followed by the region name followed by unit type, representing a greater variety than the standard Drakonian forces. Notable examples of this include the 99th Beluksho Armored and the 3rd OFI (Outer Fringe Industriocracy) Grenadiers. Equipment is usually older, cast-off Drakonian weapons, vehicles, and ships. The TRG is looked down upon by other branches of the military, such as the Imperial Terrestrial Army. The troops are considered easily expendable, similar to Automata, and often need to be motivated by a pistol-wielding political officer.

Drakonian military
Imperial Celestial Navy
Imperial Terrestrial Army

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