Teredona I summit
Conflict Rising tensions between ADL and AIL
Signing date 2011/04/04 (and continuing)
Location Teredona I

Appearence Democracy League:

Flag of the Alsoras Republic Alsoras Republic

Flag of Appaloutio Appaloutio

Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization BlyDonian Civilization

Flag of the Kandan Republic Kandan Republic

Flag of Lunor Lunor

Flag of Manaki Manaki

Flag of the Nonan Monarchy Nonan Monarchy

Flag of Unidia Unidia

Flag of the Wringon Republic Wringon Republic

Flag of the Zubada Republic Zubada Republic

Appearence Imperial League:

Flag of the Bazanian Empire Bazanian Empire

Flag of the Fzanti Empire Fzanti Empire

Flag of the Jankan Empire Jankan Empire

Flag of the Kada Empire Kada Empire

Flag of the Qanti Empire Qanti Empire

20 px [[]]

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia

Capita Council (neutral):

Flag of the Bion Federation Bion Federation

Flag of the BlyDonian Exile Government BlyDonian Exile Government

Flag of the Gammetan Civilization Gammeta

Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate Hydephiilan Senate

Flag of the Lisianti Empire Lisianti Empire

Neutral Parties:

Flag of the Andur Empire Andur Empire

Appearence Democracy League:

Flag of the Alsoras Republic
President Pinay Lohnstony
Flag of Appaloutio
Ambassador Ting Rai
Flag of the BlyDonian Civilization
President Jax Nano
Flag of the Kandan Republic
Ambassador Kias Maon
Flag of Lunor
Ambassador Riano Kalori III
Flag of Manaki
Ambassador Hyan Fi
Flag of the Nonan Monarchy
King Yo-I Noan II
Flag of Unidia
Kom an'Kom III
Flag of NPC
Ambassador Fi Jin
Flag of the Zubada Republic
Leader Sho'bal Kabrak

Appearence Imperial League:

Flag of the Bazanian Empire
Emperor Badrita Kaiymo
Flag of the Fzanti Empire
Ambassador Kao Si
Flag of the Jankan Empire
Flag of the Kada Empire
Emperor Hohirto Gekanjimy
Flag of NPC
Flag of NPC
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
National Leader Yiin Cartunas

Capita Council (neutral):

Flag of the Bion Federation
Ambassador Alao Junuka
Flag of the BlyDonian Exile Government
Ambassador Talorus Long
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
Diplomat Heroi Krane
Flag of the Hydephiilan Senate
Supreme Chancellor Tomocho Haiwaki
Flag of the Lisianti Empire
Ambassador Yuono Proal

Neutral parties:

Flag of the Andur Empire
Ambassador Launo Carna

"This is unacceptable!
Your face is unacceptable."
– National Leader Yiin Cartunas and President Jax Nano on the Nakar IV Treaty

The Teredona I summit were a set of meetings between all members of the Appearence Democracy League, the Appearence Imperial League and the Capita Council which started as a result of the rising tensions between ADL and AIL. Evidently, they were hosted on Teredona I, a Gammetan planet.

They started on Monday, April 4, 2011 and ended on the same Friday when the new President of BlyDonia, Jax Nano, lead an ADL walkout.

Meetings Edit

The summit was split up in to two meetings, one on the Friday and the other on the Monday. The latter one was hosted first, apparently.

Chatlogs Edit

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