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The Teredona I central command, often called central command or just command by people on the planet, is the central command base for all operation on the Gammetan military and mineral colony, Teredona I. It is situated some 50 kilometers from the shore of the second largest water body of Teredona I and on a Turbium trade route. Central command is commanded by General Trosco, making him the primary Appearence-to-Gammeta link due to the fact that he is the commander of the only Gammetan colony in the Appearence galaxy.


Central command is a single structure capable of commanding the majority of functions on the planet. It is a capable defensive structure, and is capable of storing and launching military craft. The primary force on Teredona I is the Air Force, as the Navy is stationed in orbit. The protection is due to the fact that central command also possesses one of the very few stargates used by the Gammetans. It is thus the primary small-scale gateway from the Appearence galaxy to Hydephiilo, and should it be compromised would act as an effective beachhead.

Control centerEdit

The control center conists of the control room which is the link of the base to the rest of the planet, the General's office in which he usually works, workrooms, and commandrooms for more specific links to planetary or orbital operations. It is situated in the center of the base near the ground floor, but also has direct access by lift to the surface of central command.

Control roomEdit

The control room is a theater-like room in which the majority of administration of the planet is done. The room only has four entrances, equally spaced out from u



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