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The majority of civilizations in the Appearence use space-age technology including things like laser weapons, hyperspace, and shield technology.

Vehicles Edit

The most-used vehicles in the Appearence are cars, which more often than not are not restricted to ground travel. In terms of militaries, there are three main categories: Space ships, large vessels that are designed for interstellar travel and combat in space or near celestial bodies; aircraft to play a supporting role in space battles and allowing quick on-planet travel (though some have interstellar travel capabilities); and ground vehicles for combat on the ground and in urban areas.

Propulsion Edit

Spaceships and aircraft both use reaction engines for main forward propulsion, usually in the form of rocket, jet or ion engines. For maneuvering, reaction control systems (sometimes called flusters), vector engines and more recently, experimental repulsor technology is used.

Ground vehicles mainly use internal combustion engines are combined with wheels or tracks. A more recently alternative is, again, repulsors, which have the advantage of variable ground clearance, thus allowing them to traverse most terrains. This comes at a high power cost, so for the moment more conventional systems are preferred.

For faster-than-light travel, which is usually fitted on to spaceships and sometimes even aircraft, hyperdrives are used to allow the object to access hyperspace. Standard speeds are 1 lightyear per minute, with experimental Hyperdrive 2.0s allowing a much greater speed with the cost of instability.

Protection Edit

For most larger-than-man military units, Energy shields are used. On spaceships they are an essential technology. Current energy shield technologies create an energy barrier that doesn't allow any matter through except light and sometimes air. The amount of protection a fully-charged shield can provide per unit of area is mainly dictated by, in decreasing order of prominence, the sophistication of the shield technology, the amount of power supplied, and environmental factors. Shields see applications from total planet-coverage to spaceships to small 3-meter human-protection applications. The majority of Appearence civilizations use shields as a primary method of protection in military applications.

Secondary to that is hulls. Hulls mainly comprise of layers of composite materials to provide secondary protection against most ordnance. In space ship combat they are relatively ineffectual compared to shields, so much so that ships are often destroyed before their shield integrity completely fails.

Weapons Edit

Energy-based weapons are one of the most common forms of offense for most civilizations. These technologies include lasers as well as photon- and plasma-based designs. Other types of weapons include traditional, sometimes energy-enhanced, physical ordnance such as railguns and self-propelled projectiles.

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