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Tavalan System is a solar system controlled by the Tavalan Corporate Republic. It consists of four planets and 3 tiny planets outside the orbit of the main ones.


Tavalan IEdit

This is a large, rocky world with a thin atmosphere and a population of around 1 billion. The primary industry is mineral extraction and processing, powered by many orbiting solar collectors. Besides that, several corporations have offices there.

Tavalan IIEdit

The capital of the TCR, this moderately sized planet is almost completely covered with tall buildings. The only areas that aren't are some of the oceans, filled with an anhydrous gray compound. The population is well over 200 billion. There are two moons, one of which is terraformed and used for high-intensity agriculture and the other is developed and serves as a secondary port and city.

Tavalan IIIEdit

Warm and wet, Tavalan III is devoted to agricultural production, which is then sent to the capital or exported as cash crops. The population is small, and mainly focused on managing the automated farms. The one moon is somewhat inhabited and has several shipyards.

Tavalan IVEdit

As a gas giant, Tavalan IV was key to producing the fuel which allowed the TCR to become a major trading power. Nowadays, it is still mined but less heavily. There are many small moons, used for various purposes or uninhabited.

Dwarf PlanetsEdit

Tavalan VEdit

This planet holds no major resources and has no atmosphere, and is mainly used for prisons and a military base by TCR Primary Security.

Tavalan VIEdit

Covered with ice, Tavalan VI is a moderately popular vacation spot.

Tavalan VIIEdit

With a population of around 500 million, this is mostly an urban planet.

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