Suzun Empire

1736 —2012

[[BlyDonian Civilization|→]]
Flag of Suzu
Flag of Suzu
Official name

Grand Sovereignity of Imperial Suzu

Short name Suzu


Population 50,676,216,981
Capital planet


Capital city


Controlled planets
  • Ayke
  • Cywland (capital)
  • Glunfed
  • Rinkwyr
  • Wglinian
Religious policies

Organized religion

State religion



Imperial hereditary monarchy

– Myrgan Dirycha 1959 +
– Negy Orthomys 2003 +
- Founding August 6, 1736

The Suzu is a five-planet imperial civilization in the Appearence primarily in sector G9. They have an Emperor (currently Emperor Dirycha ) as head of state and a Rgenewy (currently Rgenewy Orthomys ) as head of government. The former is mainly in charge of foreign policy, whereas the latter is more in charge of the economy and military. They are recognized and announced isolationists in the Appearence, and have thus not applied for either the Appearence Imperial League nor the Capita Council. On top of their relative isolationism, they were previously recognized as warmongers, and often attacked or instigated against smaller states to gain more land. They have not been notably active since Emperor Dirycha's succession to power, but few states have raised their sanctions.

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