Skirmish over Filisi

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Skirmish over Filisi

Liberalism war


August 16, 2012

Location(s) Over
Flag of Orin
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia


  • Destroy or rout Lunoric forces
  • Secure Techian presence in the Beca'salari System
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia
Flag of Lunor Lunor
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
22nd Constituent
  • 1 TX-6 cruiser
  • 4 TX-2 frigates
  • 1 TX-5 frigate

Total: 6 ships

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
25 craft
Flag of Lunor
19th Unit (some)
  • 1 destroyer
  • 3 frigates
  • 6 corvettes

Total: 10 ships

Flag of Lunor
17 craft
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
1 TX-2
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
1 TX-5

Total: 2 ships (33%)

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
11 craft
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
504 personnel killed
Flag of Lunor
1 destroyer
Flag of Lunor
3 frigates
Flag of Lunor
3 corvettes

Total: 7 ships (70%)

Flag of Lunor
14 craft
Flag of Lunor
1,012 personnel killed

The Skirmish over Filisi (August 16, 2012) was a short space skirmish between the Trade Emergency Coalition and the Lunoric Republic. It occurred as the first encounter of the Liberalism war. The well-prepared Techian forces destroyed the majority of the Lunorics, and maintained superiority throughout the skirmish, eventually routing them.

The two planets in the Orin system of Beca'salari, Filisi and Kjil, were under ORP protection, with ten Lunoric ships around Filisi and 6 and 4 Techian and Jankan ships, respectively, around Kjil. The Techians had prepared a plan as to what would happen should war break out, and a mere nine minutes after war was declared, they carried out this plan. This resulted in the battle.

The easy victory can be accredited to Techians technological superiority, as well as good battle conduct and the element of surprise. The cruiser's commander acted as the coordinator of ships, and did well in doing so. The synchronized firing to delivered the final blow to most Lunoric casualties.

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