Skirmish aboard the Bly Machine

Battle on Arges III

Concurrent None

Battle over Kortorisa IV






The Bly Machine




The BlyDonian Civilization

Yulairian Civilization


Commander Wolf

  • Millions of B-1's
  • TIE Fighters
  • Four Stormtroopers

A few B-1's

All of his stormtroopers

"If Wolf wants a fight, he'll get it!"
– Bly

The Skirmish began shortly after Kortoris had left the Bly Machine and they system. A few Drakonian Guards began to arm themselves, and Wolf's Stormtroopers had reprogramed Bly's battledroids to engage them. It ended with Wolf leaving the system in the badly damaged Radiant, and Naga and Bly's forces giving pursuit. Mass confusion surrounded this entire event.

Shortly before a peace confrence, Wolf's stormtroopers reprogramed Bly's battledroids, ordering them to attack Drakonian Forces. Bly, seeing his battledroids cut down, sent in more droids after Wolf, escalating the skirmish. Eventually Drakon returned to his ship, and Wolf blasted out of the system in his own heavily damaged Radiant. Soon after, Drakonian and BlyDonia forces gave swift pursuit, eventually catching up to the ship. It was here that the Radiant rammed the Bly Machine's bridge, causing massive damage to the Bly Machine. Bly and Drakon then thought the Radiant had been destroyed, but it jumped into the system, revealing that Wolf had used his holo-graphic imaging to distract Bly and Drakon's forces. The Bly Machine was able to recover, and was in repairs for all of a month. During this time, Bly used The Formidable, a small Star Destroyer.

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