2012 +

Flag of Sjutnariva
Flag of Sjutnariva
Official name

Union of the Sjutnarevo People of Sjutnarevo and Rjinescio

Short name Sjutnariva


Population 12,161,526,972
Capital planet


Capital city


Controlled planets

democratic presidential republican confederation

– Duro Vjekovanda 2012/07 +
Prime Minister
– Terian Kovamiva 2012/07 +

Free market (15% left)



- Declaration of independence July 12, 2012

Sjutnariva, sometimes incorrectly called Sjutnarevo, is a young democratic, two-planet civilization in the core of the Appearence. It has a small population of just 12 billion, most of which are Sjutnareven. The Lisiontese and Weleugian ethnicities make up around 6% of the population total, but are primarily on Rjinescio.

The civilization is split between two regions: Sjutnarevo is in the very south of the Delion region, whereas Rjinescio is in the very north of the Caporea region. It is surrounded almost completely by the Trade Emergency Coalition – to the west, north and east – with an opening in to unclaimed territories and the outer core to the south.

The Sjutnariva Civilization was originally founded in the 20th century. During the Kortorisan-TEC war of late 2009, they supported the democratic Gammetan Civilization. Due to their close proximity to the Trade Emergency Coalition, however, they were conquered without much difficulty. Since then, they played a part of the Empire relatively peacefully. In May 2012, protests started, which demanded the independence of the Sjutnareven ethnicity, primarily situated on Sjutanrevo and Rjinescio. The former signed a declaration of independence on July 12, 2012, and included both planets in its claimed territory. The Trade Emergency Coalition is yet to react.

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