Sjutnarevo protests
Starting date

May 25, 2012



  • Become part of National Holdings
  • More autonomy
  • or Achieve independence
Current status

Halted by referendum since June 8

Combatants or sides
Flag of blank [[SJPM]]
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia

The Sjutnarevo protests (May 25, 2012 onward - 1884 days) are a group of ongoing, currently-halted protests in the Trade Emergency Coalition's planet of Sjutnarevo over the planet being part of the empire. It is headed by the Sjutnarevo People's Movement, abbreviated SJPM, with around 430,000 members protesting planet-wide, 60,000 of them being in the capital city, over the TEC government's rejection of their application for membership of the National Holdings, which would get rid of their imperial status and merge the two governments.

On June 8, the protests were halted in order for a one-month referendum to determine whether the planet should declare independence or not. Smaller protests still continued, but the majority dispersed and continued their daily lives.

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