Sjutnarevo People's Movement

2012 +

Official name

Movement for the Independence or Unification of the People of Sjutnarevo

Short name Sjutnarevo People's Movement


Alternate names




Controlled planets


Annexed by

Trade Emergency Coalition


Puppet constitutional democratic unitary presidential republic

– Duro Vjekovanda 2012/04 +

Free market (25% right)

The Sjutnarevo People's Movement, often abbreviated SJPM, is the proclaimed name of a movement founded by the President of Sjunarevo, Duro Vjekovanda, which aims to achieve more autonomy or independence from the Trade Emergency Coalition. Despite the opposition of the rival party in the planet's senate, which held 17% of the vote in the April 2012 election, the name was also made synonymous with the government on the day of its creation on May 25, 2012, when the TEC rejected the application for either Sjutnarevo's membership in the National Holdings or more autonomy. The protest movement has over 95 million members, or 1% of the planet's population, which have already started protests around the planet. The senate will vote on a preliminary draft of a declaration of independence on May 30.

Many TEC ministers did not announce any stance on the situation during a recorded session of parliament, though National Leader Yiin Cartunas, in a speech, announced she was determined to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

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