Siege of Sjutnarevo

Battle of Relmani

Concurrent Siege of Rjinescio

Sjutnariva war of independence


July 17, 2012



Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia
  • Obliterate Sjtunariva navy
  • Inhibit further fleet production

TEC decisive victory:

Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition Techia
Flag of Sjutnariva Sjutnariva
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
4th element
  • 15th constituent
  • 16th constituent
Flag of the Trade Emergency Coalition
5th element
  • 17th constituent
  • 18th constituent
  • 19th constituent

Total: 30 ships

Flag of Sjutnariva
5th constituent
Flag of Sjutnariva
7th constituent

Total: 15 ships

Flag of Sjutnariva
Orbital defenses
  • 19 satellite weapons
Flag of Sjutnariva
Planetary defenses
  • 27 surface-to-orbit launchers
  • 10 surface-to-orbit cannons
  • 7 ships
  • 2,313 personnel
  • All ships (15)
  • All defenses
  • 9,420 personnel
Civilian casualties

2,589 civilians killed

The Siege of Sjutnarevo (July 17, 2012, 9:04 to 15:15 UTC) was a short battle fought primarily in orbit over Sjutnarevo between the rebellious Sjutnarivans and the Trade Emergency Coalition, as the first battle to the Sjutnariva war for independence. The TECs lead a successful siege on the planet, and won the battle against retaliating space forces. They achieved all their goals: The Sjutnarivans were left unable to manufacture fleet assets.

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