Second Battle of Teredona I

Second Battle of Nakar IV




Teredona I


Gammetan victory:

  • Destruction of Boost Gate and subsequent end of battle
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
Gammetan Civilization
Flag of blank
Flag of the Gammetan Civilization
General Trosco



A single Gunship

  • The Stargate
  • An unknown weapon from the other side of the wormhole

The Second Battle of Teredona I was an inter-stargate engagement between an unknown force and the Gammetan Civilization which occured on the 15th of May, 2011. It was the second time that some weapon, supposedly the same one, fired through the stargate and in to Teredona I, although the first time, the stargate itself was taken control of, creating ambiguity.

Timeline of eventsEdit

At 13:47 EST on the day of the attack, the gate activated from the Teredonan side. When General Trosco arrived, at which time the gate was activated, in the gate's control room, the gate was active. However, no one was near the gate dialing console and had been for 14 minutes. Looking back on the logs on the same day, the Gammetans found that nothing was inputted in to the gate computer. Thus, the gate must have been activated from an external source. The gate, without any activity, shut down three minutes later, at :50.

The gate was then dialed from an unknown planet less than a minute later. The activation of the outgoing wormhole meant that all forces were ready, and the shield around the gate, which is as powerful as that which protects Fetrodasa IX, was already raised. Two minutes later, at :53, a sustained beam was fired from the other side of the gate. It's impact on the shield created a loud noise and bright flashes. General Trosco, prepared for such an event, communicated to an officer in the main control room to order the fitting of docking clamps capable of careing a stargate on to a Gunship. The gunship was prepared at 14:01, and the gate was immediately beamed on to it attached to the shield generator.

When the gunship arrived in orbit at 19:10, it was ordered to set a course directly for the sun after moving around the planet, and then to release the stargate once a course was stable. The gunship was successful in releasing the gate at 19:12. An hour and fourteen minutes later, at 20:26, the stargate's shields were successfully lowered, and its radar signature disappeared from sensors. Another 3 minutes later, the Stargate was deemed destroyed due to collision with the sun.

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