Sauani Empire

05/11/0637 +

Flag of the Sauani Empire
Flag of Sauani Empire
Other titles

Sauani Empire

Official name

Grand Sauani Empire




Galactic Basic Standard

Population 22,917,694,663
Capital planet


Controlled planets


  • Janu
  • Zian

Imperial Dictatorship




Sauani Ground Marines


Sauani Cosmos Navy

Eras Creation era

The Sauani Empire is an Imperialist Dictatorship in The Appearence. Their ships were briefly seen by the Bion Navy, however contact has not yet been formally established. Thus, the Empire does not know of any other civilizations.


The Empire is run solely by The Emperor, with his wife an Empress at his side. The Emperor decides all the laws, and has the final word on all matters. The legal system is controlled by the courts that enforce the Emperor's laws. The Head Judge is a very important position, who usually has the Emperor's ears. The position of Emperor is passed down by blood. The Emperor, no matter what his age is, must choose a wife before he ascends to the throne, if he doesn't have one already.


The Empire mandates that all able bodied males and females between the age of eighteen and twenty-four serve in the army for six years. In order to maintain its high literacy rate, the Empire has state run colleges in their military bases. After the army, citizens can either pursue a higher education or enter the work force. The Emperor is the Commander in Chief of the Army, with a Chief Commander below him advising him.


The Empire has made all religion illegal, and forces atheism on the citizens. Over the years, the citizens forgot their religions, and are now atheist without contest.


The Empire has a unique culture. Its people accept the sometimes harsh rule of the Emperor, however usually the Emperor is kind. The people have a diet of mostly fish and dairy. Their education is one of the highest in the galaxy, as all citizens must attend school.

Diplomatic RelationEdit

Currently, as the Empire has not met any other civilizations, it has no relations with any other government.

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