Surface gravity


Diameter 37,500 km
Surface area 4,418,000,000 km²
Volume 15,531,555,000,000 km³
Rotation period 72 hours
Planet type


Primary species


Flag of blank
People of Sanctuary

Sanctuary is a very large planet in the Appearence. It was originally owned by the Tetrodosion before 2010, however in that year, the Tournan Hive captured it in their war. It then belonged to the Tournan Empire, but subsequently and currently by the People of Sanctuary.

History Edit

Upon finding themselves with a brand new planet, the Tournans immediately began building it up into something of a homeworld, coining it Sanctuary after the name of the first ever Hive. In the area where the Hive crashed, a large industrial field can be found, however the rest of the planet is uninhabited, as Tetradox's creatures were all robotic in nature.

But that was billions of years ago from the planets point of view. The Tournans colonized the planet, and changed the very fabric of their race so as to move away from what was and towards what will be. Then, one day, the Tournans invented a power that could shield their planet from the terrors of the outside world. They entered a sort of limbo universe en route to another, however they were unable to go all the way and the planet began to fall back to its proper place.

To make the most of their time away from the Appearance Universe, the Tournans employed a Time-Dialation field which slowed down time on the planet considerably. What was only a matter of seconds was lengthened to trillions of years.

Over this time, the Tournans grew their civilization to the point of godliness- they could manipulate time and space. The Tournans revelled in their power, however realized that there was nothing more to do and so receded into legend. Sanctuary, however, remained inhabited all the way until it reappeared in the Appearance Universe.

Currently there is a pioneering-age civilization, just moving into the technological age of indoor plumbing. It consists of many settlements dotting the entire planet. A religious group known as the Followers is gaining popularity, although previous plotlines have revealed it is not, in fact, religious but instead follows the commandments of an actual entity whose location can be gotten to via a transportation device but whose actual location remains unknown.

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